SCRA: South Carolina Research Authority

SCBIO 2017
Research University Presidents Panel
Moderated By Bob Quinn

Hear Their Story: KIYATEC

Region: Upstate
Industry: Life Sciences
Portfolio Company

"It is because of the SC Launch program at SCRA that KIYATEC is the company we are today - Cutting edge technology, attracting national attention, creating a better future for cancer patients. All of that right here in South Carolina."

Hear Their Story: PEC360

Region: Coastal
Industry: Information Technology
Portfolio Company

"I had people at SC Launch who listened to my story and they believed in it." - Chris Brunson, Founder

Hear Their Story: Carbon Conversions

Region: Midlands/Coastal
Industry: Advanced Manufacturing & Materials
Portfolio Company

"SCRA came in at key times in the growth of this operation with capital and business expertise that allowed us to grow the business." - Mark Mauhar, President and CEO